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Multiple collections as parents in pubsub

Hi, not entirely sure if this belongs here or in “support”, but thanks in advance for your time all the same.

I wanted to know if one could set a pubsub node to have multiple parents in OpenFire. The latest XEP seems to make it crystal clear that they can (if the right hierarchy is supported and implemented) but I am not certain if OF supports this at this time. I have experimented using a stanza similar to the following:





If there’s something else I need to configure first, or if this stanza isn’t correct, please let me know. I came to believe this stanza was correct because the server does not return an error - it simply seems to ignore all value tags after the first. In my searching for information the only relevant link I came across was over two years old, but suggested that at least at THAT time, pubsub#collection was not allowing multiple parents. If there’s a good document describing what OpenFire’s PEP/pubsub does and does not support XEP-wise, by the way, I would be extremely grateful for a link.

I’m still pretty new to XMPP so thanks again for your time and for any insights.

This certainly doesn’t work. I was wondering if you were finally able to find a solution?

I also tried adding children to collection nodes instead and this doesn’t seem to work, not even with a single parent.

<iq type=“set” …

[http://jabber.org/protocol/pubsub#node_config](http://jabber.org/protocol/pubsub#node_config) 1234

No, I was not able to. Looking at OpenFire source and database tables since my last posting, it seems like it cannot support this behavior. As for your problem, I have had some trouble adding children to parents through the configure stanza, but setting the node’s parent at creation time works just fine for me. Not sure if that’s good enough for you.

<iq type=‘set’ …>



Solving the same problem as you I naturally thought that perhaps configuring multiple children would be an alternative solution to create time configuration but it didn’t work. Please keep me posted if you find anything and I will have to dive in deeper soon.


It definitely does not support this as any node can only have a single parent. The version of the spec currently supported by the spec is 1.8, and I am not sure if that configuration was supported at that time.