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Multiple domain names?

Is it possible for wildfire to recognize and accept multiple domain names to connect from?

I do not plan on having the domains authenticate separately, just allow users to connect from multiple domains.

Hmm, this would solve some problems on my end as well. I’'m trying to migrate between two domain names - but having to update all clients in one go is almost un-doable.


My idea is similar to this, except I don’‘t need the users to be separated into separate domains. I’'d be satisfied with all the users being on all the domains based on my intended configuration.


could you please provide some more details of what you want to do?

I can set up as many domain names for my server and log in with Spark using these names. Of course I see a lot of s2s-exceptions in the error log and I still wonder why this is possible to login and chat.


I run a tor hidden service (see http://tor.eff.org for details on tor itself) that will let people with supporting clients connect while reducing the strain on my networking hardware (by connecting through existing persistent connections rather than establishing new ones).

I want the tor hidden service descriptor address to be one of the hosts that my server recognises as itself.

This isn’‘t the mass virtual hosting others have requested in the past, as I fully expect to use one user database for both addresses. I mainly want the server to treat both domains as local when I finish setting up and don’'t want to have to run 2 processes linked with s2s to do it.

What I want (summary):

2 domains

1 server

1 userlist

0 complaints about domain mismatching.

I would also enjoy this feature. It’'d be nice to be able to house multiple domains on one instance.

After taking part in the live chat today, it is possible to have multiple DNS hostnames pointing at the same wildfire server.

All user messages will be sent via

The server will report the primary domain name to the client.

I have tested it in my desired configuration (using trillian to connect over tor, with user@primaryhost as the username, and connecting to the tor hidden service hostname as the server) and it works the same as if I were connecting to the primary dns (minus the networking hardware load for the additional connection, since the tor instance handling the hidden service is routing to to the wildfire instance).

You can also use pop.

If your email server supports it


or user2%otherdomain.