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Multiple domain names

Is it possible to configure Openfire to handle multiple (xmpp) domains? That is, have one Openfire server to handle both user1@domain1.com and user2@domain2.com. Or do I to setup a server for each domain?

As far as I know, you can’'t have more than one XMPP domain per Openfire service.

There has been discussion on supporting multiple domains, but so far no one has done any implementation in that direction. So you will need to run two Openfire instances. They can be on the same server if you use different IP addresses for each.

Hi mokkel,

You can vote for JM-919 to help (futher) raise its priority and the chances it will be implemented.



It would probably help to outline the problem (in terms of “what components/source files of the OpenFire server have to be changed”) in the JM-919 ticket if contributions are wanted.

It would, be no one has gone through the source to figure that out yet either. There are a lot of things that would need to change, so if someone is adventurous enough to start quantifying the problem, it would help quite a bit.

I’‘d think that doing the overview is MUCH easier for Jive people (or anyone who knows Openfire well). I’'d do this myself but looking into that will cost me several hours and give incomplete results at best whereas ‘‘fulltime’’ developers probably can do this in a breeze. As soon as pointers are there, I might help implementing.

Even for those of us with a good understanding of it, it will take several hours to do that sort of research. I dont think it is trivial enough to say it would be a breeze (or it would have been done already)

I don’‘t understand. The analysis doesn’‘t need to be complete, it’‘s just that a set of “TODO: vhosting” markers in the source would be cool. I wouldn’'t know where to look at in the first place without that.

In other OSS projects, this works quite fine (and does indeed attract developers).

Im not saying that the developers are unwilling, just that they have other priorities to attend to first.

How do I restrict a given OpenFire instance to a specific IP address?

We are running under Linux and with an initial install, when I run lsof, I see that the java app is bound to all interfaces:

java 8184 daemon 33u IPv6 198398 TCP *:xmpp-server (LISTEN)

java 8184 daemon 38u IPv6 198404 TCP *:xmpp-client (LISTEN)

java 8184 daemon 46u IPv6 198408 TCP *:5223 (LISTEN)

When I go to the Admin Console and look at Server Manager -> Server Settings, under Server Ports (and Interface), it says “All addresses”.

How can I edit this to restrict a given instance to one IP address?



You can specify a particular IP in the openfire.xml:


I refer to my blog-post about this.

To round-up: It’s almost working by default in OpenFire 3.3.3