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Multiple Domains - Single Spark

I have setup a domain trust with another company we have acquired. I added an All Users group from their domain into mine, but Spark does not recognize them as users. What is the best way to get them on our Spark?

Thank you

Server has to support multiply domains. Openfire doesnt.

Looking through the admin console there is a section that says server to server connections. What does that do?

Thank you.

Two jabber servers can have server 2 server connections. Then the users from server 1 can add contacts from server 2, get their presence and chat with them (and vice versa). Also users can join the group chats on the other server. But you can’t add all users from the other server at once via Admin Console. And second dmain has to have a separate server.

I have 2 servers one in each office. Server1 with openfire, and now Server 2 with openfire. I put the domains of each in the admin console. How do I setup the server to server so each office can see each other?


Go to Server to Server options on both of them and setup a server to server connection between them (keep in mind all the network, firewall stuff, and dont forget to enable acceptance of self-signed certificates in the security settings, if you use them). But you won;t be able to share one domain users with other, they can only add other domain’ users manually and chat with them and also can join group chat rooms on the other server.