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Multiple Domains under one server?


I have one fixed ip address. That fixed ip address routes to my bind server which contains feline-soul.net and quillter.com. I have postfix (email server) and apache set up so that mail to quillter.com and feline-soul.com hits the same mail server as my bind server routes all this to the same machine.

I was very happy to be able to set up my openfire jid as bearcat@feline-soul.net as that matches my email address as well. What i’d like to do is set up openfire so that my wife can have the jid margaret@quillter.com just like her email address.

That would mean that communication to both quillter.com and feline-soul.net would resolve on the same wildfire server. Is this possible to do with openfire? I don’t think the ServerName field can take multiple arguments.

It’s already working DNS wise, so i think it would be a openfire issue at this point, right? Of course there might be some way of tricking the DNS in to changing the domain name from quillter.com to feline-soul.net by the time it gets to the openfire server, but that’s over my head.

Is there a way to do this?


Bearcat M. Sandor

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Hi Bearcat,

you can setup Openfire using other TCP ports (not 5222, 5269, 9090, 9091, …). This allows you to use one public IP address for two servers. But you need DNS SRV records and not simple DNS entries for the second server, otherwise all clients will connect to your server which uses the standard port 5222.


Thank you. Well what i want isn’t one ip address for two servers, but instead two domain names for one server.

If i were to use the srv record to point to a different openfire server, then i would have to run 2 openfire servers with different port numbers.

That might do it, but that’s significant overhead given that i only have the one machine.

Since it seems your saying that openfire won’t provide for more then one domain name, is there a way i could masquerade feline-soul.net as quillter.com?

Bearcat M. Sandor

Hi Bearcat,

you may have seen http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/thread/30276 or other threads with similar content.

Openfire does not support virtual domains, so you need two instances. Whether they run on the the same server or not does not really matter.

I have no idea how much memory your server has and how much memory your Openfire server needs, but I don’t think that this is a big problem.


Thank you LG. I’ll invesitgate further.