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Multiple failures


Using Openfire 4.5.2 with meetings 0.9.5, installed via the plugins manager in the server management console. Can login fine, video and audio transport seems viable. Can share youtube videos.

What doesn’t work appears to be everything else.

The chat ‘sort of’ works, in as much as it accepts text. It doesn’t seem to forward this text to clients - If you exit and return then it forwards to the clients, but there doesn’t appear to be ‘realtime updating’. I’ve only tested this in browsers, but I have tested a few.

Pretty much every other ‘feature’ isn’t presented in the interface. For example, etherpad.

Nothing is standing out to me in the logs as responsible - but it’s not as if I know what I’m talking about with javascript.

Any clues?

I can do - But this does little to explain why this doesn’t work as intended/advertised.

Or what it’s doing in a ‘stable’ branch when it’s non-functional.

“You would need both offmeet.jar and offocus.jar” - One assumes the currently installed would require removing? Or can just throw the .jar into the /plugins folder, restart the service and it’ll use the ‘new’ version?


BTW during testing, the largest complaint was on entry the box that requests to collect microphone and camera data from the browser isn’t individually selectable. Other dialogs further into the software feature individual assignment to microphone and camera permissions so I sense this would be possible to include. Potentially a couple of checkboxes, potentially a combobox entry so you can select: device » none.

Well… Copied the .jar files over, restarted the service…

The plugins section of the management console now doesn’t feature ‘meetings’ - instead it now has ‘pade focus component’ and ‘pade videofocus plugin’.

On login, the largest notable change is all the icons are now unicode placeholders, looking seriously ugmo. As the filesizes were vastly different I’ll guess at the including font hasn’t been. The chat still fails to update in realtime…

There is however a new button in the lower bar - also a unicode placeholder - Share Screen - casual testing suggests this works as intended, allowing me to share the entire desktop or a single window.

As this seems to be a reaplcement for ‘meetings’ - is there any particular reason you didn’t have me just install pade?


Just had the crazy idea to poke in the logs, under ‘error’ http://dpaste.com/04RMWKF wasn’t there previously. Potentially related.

Poking through the settings, the addition of sections to ease customisation is a good touch. I’ll definitely be playing with that later.


Attempting with chromium seems to render a lot better - all the icons are present and accounted for - there’s a lot more buttons in that. The black circle that dominates the center when you start now has the image I’ve attached to my IM client - quite curious as to how it’s managed to get at that. Seems my SEL policy is a little too lax if the browser can randomly help itself to things.

Testing again in FF produced all the ‘missing’ buttons, although the layout is insane. It now draws the profile image. I think that was being rendered before, but the scaling was off and all I saw was black from the corner, and a few distorted pixels of the text. It appears the chat actually updates, but it seems to render behind the backdrop to the chat window, the lower text entry box is at the top, etc - but the point is the messages are being forwarded. I’ll assume the previous trial had some residual from the previously generated room(under ‘meetings’) … this run was a newly generated room, and was vastly different.

What’s the story with failure on firefox? As in, why does this seem incapable of coping with basic things like icons and general functionality. I’d rather not mandate specific software for something that should be a generic application…