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Multiple ip addresses

We have 2 ip addresses on our server and we want to decide which one Jive Messenger uses when we run the installation/configuration. Is this possible? When we run the installation/configuration, it does not ask for ip; it only asks for domain name.

To my knowledge…Jive doesn’‘t care which IP address address is used. It’'s dependant on the server name.

In Linux it appears to get the primary IP address associated with the hostname of the server itself.

For instance, under the Server Settings in the Admin console, our server name is im.domain.edu[/b] which is an alias I’‘ve created. But the IP address listed is that of the server we’'re running Jive on . server.domain.edu[/b]

Everything works fine this way unless you’'re wanting users to connect via an IP address instead of a common hostname.

Hope this is clear and somewhat helpful.

Hey jlwhite,

JM will default accepting connections on any/all local addresses. You can set the “xmpp.socket.plain.interface”/“xmpp.socket.ssl.interface” properties to only bind to a specific address.


– Gato