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Multiple LDAP on Trusted Domains


Greetings All,

Got a question about getting Openfire to authenticate in multiple domains in different forests.

Here is the scenario:

Domain A - DC=“DomainA”,DC=“com”

Domain B - DC=“DomainB”,DC=“com”

Openfire installed on DomainA

OS - Both domains have Active Directory on Windows Server 2003.

VPN - Both domains connected through VPN

DomainA and DomainB have a Trusted Two directional Trust through Active Directory.

Openfire works great on DomainA, users are authenticated agains the LDAP, life is good!.

Now enter DomainB, for a multitude of reasons openfire will not be installed domainB, therefore I want the Openfire on DomainA, to allow users from DomainB. This works fine in other scenarios, eg. Shared Folders etc.

Looking in the config, I can only enter:

Base DN: DC=“DomainA”,DC=“com”

So how is openfire supposed to know that it also needs to check against: DC=“DomainB”,DC=“com”

Any ideas?


Hello Alex,

We have similar requirement of authenticating user against either LDAP.

Were you able to find any solution to this.

Please let us know on this.


Bhavesh Bhanushali


There is no multiple domains support in Openfire and it is not planned.


For 5 years any changes? Multiple domain support would be great for some companies.


Yeah, but it is a very complex feature and given that Openfire project has no full-time developers and just a few volunteers it was decided to not plan such feature. At least for now feature request for this was closed as “Won’t Fix”.


Thanks Wroot you doing big things. We`ll be wait