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Multiple ldap servers for failover

Is it possible to put multiple ldap servers in the config for failover? These would be mirrors of each other, not different sets of users. Or would I currently have to use a load balancer, etc to achieve the desired effect? Thanks.


Sorry for the late reply. For now, yes, you’'d need to use DNS or a load balancer to get this type of failover. We could probably support this in Jive Messenger directly, but there are lots of other LDAP priorities to deal with first.



Bummer… Thanks for the reply and I understand that this isn’'t a priority right now. This would definitly be a wishlist item for me… Along with allowing the app to use multiple sql databases for failover.

I added backup server for LDAP as JM-323. For JDBC failover, I’‘d encourage you to checkout C-JDBC: http://c-jdbc.objectweb.org. I haven’'t used it before, but it apparently works well for transparently clustering databases via JDBC. You should be able to just put the JAR file in the messenger lib directory and then configure it as the JDBC driver.