Multiple LDAP servers for OpenFire


Our company (10 000 employees strong) is interested in communicative collaboration by making use of openfire. However, the big problem that we are facing, is that we have branches in different countries and each country has their own LDAP servers due to that fact that each country has their own domain.

The problem is that OpenFire seems only to support 1 LDAP server at a time.


Is there a way around this?

Is it coming in a future release?



Nobody? Wow…I would have thought that a company of our size would mean that ignite realtime would want us to use their software. Oh well…

instead of solving it with OpenFir why not solve it externally by Deploying an Virtual Directory Server that Openfire communicates to ?

for a list of ldap software including Virtual Directory services you can go to this page on wikipedia

Well, We run in a windows environment and the only one that looks a possible solution would be openldap as it is one of the options when setting up your ldap settings.

However, it seems that they don’t have an official release for Windows and I have to compile this myself to work with windows.

Are their any opensource options that you recommend?

Well I have not used anything like this, I only know this exist and then used google to search…

but opensource versions that run on windows… hmm penrose, looks atleast semi active, last stable release was in june 2010…

I managed to get a windows msi package for openldap. i have installed it successfully but the only trouble now is how the heck to do I configure it to be a virtual directory server ??!

Ok, So Im trying Penrose but I have to be honest, its all going way over my head It really shouldn’t be this difficult. I can’t be the first one to have this issue?!?!

If you are running Active Directory… what we have done to combine multiple sepearate Active Directory domains is to use Microsoft’s ADAM application ( 3e5-2a2a57b5c8e4&displaylang=en) . Take a look at

Or, as mentioned in this post, you could set up multiple Openfire servers and make them talk to one another:


I’d like to pick this up again and aska question about one of the steps in the doc.

Create a new domainDNS object under dc=comfor each Active Directory domain you have

I am not seeing a “domainDNS” object in the list of possbile objects to create.

Any idea why this may be?