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Multiple Logins and Kraken/IM gateway

I have been encountering some difficulties with both the IM Gateway and Kraken when using Openfire 3.6.3 which is being observed on multiple client applications. It is likely mostly related to the plugin but perhaps there is an openfire property I need to set which should remedy this.

Anyhow, the problem I am coming across occurs intermittently and when trying to sign on from multiple locations. I generally leave my primary computer online and my messenger logged on. Fairly often when I try to login elsewhere I will get connected and see my openfire/jabber contacts but the status for the IM Transports for AIM, MSN, yahoo, etc… show idle and the status message from my other computer. There are plenty of times when everything signs on just fine but somewhat more often I do not get my contacts from the other IM services and their Transports show idle/away.

So, my question is if anyone is aware of a way to resolve this or is this a known and unavoidable issue? Or maybe I’m one of only a rare few that tries doing this but I think that is somewhat unlikely. So far I have been trying to use mostly Psi on the main computer and have had secondary logons using Psi and SparkWeb. I have also tried using Trillian on the main computer and had similar results. I can’t recall at the moment if I had tried this with the main computer running Spark yet, but I really don’t like the fact that spark can’t have just system tray noticifcations rather than insisting on creating windows/tabs whenever a message is received.

you need to post your questions over at the kracken forums on that website.

Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to join the forums/site for Kraken as it seems to fail in sending me the notice containing my password and I have tried with two different emails. Not to mention the IM Gateway plugin that is available from Openfire directly has the same issue. I suppose I might have wanted to post this to the forum here for that plugin but I was unsure if the problem was with the plug, with openfire, with the clients I had attempted and was hoping someone here might have some insight. And I was posting in the middle of the night and realized too late that I should have posted in the area for IM Gateway.

I can say for certain that if the openfire server is set to limit users to one session the plugin is fine. Most gateway protocols do not allow multiple sessions, and if you are allowing this from the xmpp side you may be causing the issue because the server will try to keep them alive.