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Multiple Logins using same id?

Hi there,

can anyone tell me if openfire supports multiple logins using the same ID.

I am using Pandion as a client and i sort of got around it by changing the resource … so I put one for HOUSE and one for WORK

but the problem here is that it shows up as 2 separate users in another persons Pandion client.

I was trying to find out if there was funcionality like in Live messenger… where more than 1 person can login usign the same id.

It shows as 1 person on other peoples clients…

When somebody sends a msg to that ID … the message is received on every client that is logged into the id

ANy ideas?


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Openfire supports logins with the same JID, but with different resources. As far as i know this is the only way to do this by xmpp standards.

Showing of multiple logins depends on client. Probably Pandion is programmed that way to show all resources of the same JID separately. E.g. Exodus, Spark and some other clients will show only one entry for such JID.

By default only one resource can get a message. If those resources has different priorities set, then the one with the biggest priority number will get the message. If priorities are the same, then server is determining this with some custom logic (by client last activity probably).

There is a system property **route.all-resources **which can be added into Openfire system properties with Enabled value and which should enable all resources to get a copy of the message, but it is not working at this moment. OF-29

Thank you very much for the reply…

I was really interested in testing spark but it doesn’t seem to have been updated since 2007…

And then i suddenly saw 2.6.1 is available … but i can’t seem to find a download link

I would love to give Spark a try with openfire as they are on the same page.

Am i missing something?


There is no 2.6.1 version. The latest released version is 2.6.0 Beta 2 (September 17, 2008). Indeed, last official release was long ago, but some work is going on. One community member (cstux) is doing a lot of updates anf fixes, also some other users are providing patches. But so far all updates are only in SVN (source code management system). You can find latest compilations here http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1822 Maybe we won’t have to wait another 2 years for the next release

ok . thank you for your help