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Multiple logon


Can anyone let me know if one user can log on to wildfire/openfire server at the same time more than once?

I have installed spark client on two different machines, and try to logon to the wildfire server with the same user/password from two machines at the same time. wildfire doesn’'t seem to allow me to do so. I wonder if this is intended design of wildfire OR wildfire does actually allow this but spark client does not.

Many Thanks,


it is possible … but you have to setup both clients with a different ressource (i think it’'s hidden in some advanced options on the connection setup)

iv you did that it works (for me it works fine - login with more than 3 clients and one account) as it’'s a basic feature of xmpp

It works for me now.

Once again, many thanks.


I am wanting to know how to get this done.

  • any hints

a kind of “howto” is depending on which client you use … so which do you use?