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Multiple MSN/ICQ/Whatever registrations per transport

Is it possible?

Let’'s say I have 3 msn accounts and what to register all three of them, or 2 or on demand. Today I have to switch registrations since I can only have one at a time per transport.

Is this a protocol limitation or lack of feature in IM gateway?

Also I see that the File Transfer feature will be added in release 2.x. Is there an ETA for that?

Thank you.


Since I’‘m doing this in my free time, I don’‘t really give ETAs. =) It’'ll come when I have time to do it.

As for multiple accounts, you’‘ll see there’‘s a JIRA issue for that too. The plugin does not support it yet and there’'s a lot of logistical issues with supporting such a thing that would need to be worked out. =)

First of all thanks for the quick answer.

Well you got me wrong… I was asking if you have some plans about when to release 2.x that you would like to share with us I saw that the file transfer feature will be available there.

Thanx again and keep up the good work.