Multiple Networks.....Not working

Hello all,

I am having some problems with my OpenFire Server installation. I am trying to run the server on two different networks and it is not working. Here is my setup:

OpenFire - NIC 1 - 172.x.x.x / / 172.x.x.1

  • NIC 2 - 10.x.x.x / / 172.x.x.1 or 10.x.x.1

My Openfire server authenticates to our Domain Controller on the 172 IP range. I have the 10. IP range setup for external use, external clients and regular users. My current configuration has both NIC’s listed with the IP’s they are listening on and I have verified their settings, static IP’s.

When I enable the second NIC I start getting Username and Password authentication errors. When I disable the card it begins working correctly. I have tried both Gateway address’s of 172.x.x.1 and 10.x.x.1 neither one allows the communication to work.

Any ideas on how to get this working with my setup would be greatly appricicated.

Thanks in advance for any and all help you can provide me.