Multiple Openfire Servers in One Domain Working Together

In the next few weeks I will be trying to connect two Openfire servers together on the same domain and I want users from one server to be able to add and see users from the other. I’ve gotten the server to server working fine but when I add a user from the other server in Spark I have to add them as username@otherserver. I would like to know if there is a way to have everyone on both servers be able to search for and add others in Spark as if they were all on one server? Also, the remote server has their users stored in a local database and the server here uses LDAP to grab them from Active Directory, if that matters.


Hi Cody,

Openfire uses the domain to route packets to other servers. So the servers will likely never establish a s2s connection if they use the same domain.


Sorry. To clarify, they are in the same active directory domain but they have different names. We don’t want to have to have the users try to remember what “Openfire domain”, or whatever you call it, to add other users to their roster.


I would call it domain identifier of the JID ( @ / chilloutroom). Openfire uses this domain (which you specify during Openfire setup and which is visible as xmpp.domain in System Properties) to route packets.

Openfire tries to establish a server to server connection if the domain in the JID does not match its XMPP domain. Otherwise it routes the packet internally.

So you need a unique XMPP domain for every server and thus when adding a contact one needs to specify the right XMPP domain.


Both of my servers have a different XMPP domain. I would like to know if there is any way of getting around having the user know or have to guess what XMPP domain the person they are trying to add is on?


This is why they have clustering on the Enterprise plugin, supposedly it will become its own plugin in the near future.

You might want to talk to sales to find out if they have a pricing setup yet.

just noticed this and never played with it:

Might help you out.

I don’t think clustering will solve my problem. It’s not a matter of too many users and connections. It’s a matter of the two servers are already set up and I want to make the fewest changes possible.

At this point Openfire does not support multi-domain configurations. You would need a LDAP consolidator program that turns 2 independent LDAP sources into one virtual domain. This has been discussed in other threads with some examples of products given. For example:

Thank you, This is kinda what I was thinking was going to end up happening.