Multiple Server connection openfire

Hi guys,

I just want to know how to connect multiple servers without using domain.

I have read and research anything about this ,but still I can’t get it though. Is there a new way to do this?.
I need 3 servers to connect each other.
Thanks guys.

Do you mean to use more than one server to create one XMPP domain? In that case, you will probably want to enable clustering, using the Hazelcast plugin.

I have 3 individual servers (A,B,C), each of them has own groups and users that are not present on the other servers.
How do I merge this 3 servers , so the users from the server A can communicate to the users in the server B and server C?
Thank you.

Using the standard XMPP federation (also known as ‘server-to-server’), this already is possible. You simply allow XMPP domains to communicate with each-other (not unlike how email servers allow users of their server to exchange emails with users of another mailserver).

Out of the box, things should work, assuming that network connectivity is not an issue. There are various tutorials and guidelines, for example: Server To Server HowTo’s