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Multiple servers within same domain

I have been given the task of implementing a Openfire/Spark solution into a domain.

My problem is that it is one HUGE domain with more than 150 domain controllers, the fact that they want all 150 DCs to be Openfire servers and these should act as one Openfire server serving the whole domain.

The servers should authenticate users based on Active Directory (which is replicated throughout the domain).

In other words; a user should be able to log in, and regardless of server, get his personal buddylist and be able add contacts not connected to the same server. And if his contacts log in at another location he should be able to see them come online.

English is not my first language but I hope you understand my problem.

I have searched through the forum looking for answers but have only found threads about inter-domain-communications.

Hope that somebody can help - if this is not possible I’ll just tell that to my boss. And if it is possible I would appreciate a step by step, and any help that is offered.


What about using connection-managers?


Thank you - I will certainly have a look into con-managers to see if that solution is acceptable.


Edit: Seems as connection managers are the best solution to my problem - if it is acceptable to my boss still remains is another thing…

So thank you Coolcat!