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Multiple transports


Is there a way to setup more than one instance of a transport/protocol gateway using OpenFire?

I want to connect to multiple MSN accounts via my Jabber account yet registering for the MSN transport more than once doesn’t seem to add a new instance of the transport, it only seems to edit the existing instance I happen to have active.

This might be my client (Gajim) but I’m not sure. So, is there any way to connect to multiple MSN accounts at the same time?



No, there is not. And this question is more suitable in IM Gateway forum.

Okay, does support ever intend to be added?

You should ask IM Gateway developer (Daniel - jadestorm) in appropriate forum. I’m not a developer. Though this question could be already answered by him. This is already a hard task to create MSN gateway. Supporting multiple accounts is more complex i think. Btw, does Live Messenger support multiple accounts? I wonder how should client/gateway determine from what identity message should be sent, presences, etc.

Okay, thanks for the advice. I’ll get in touch with the person you recommended.

Well, I’m not so sure about multiple identities… I was more focused on having one single transport that could simply “duplicate” and connect to multiple accounts. Account-specific identities, away messages, etc aren’t really required.

Once again, thanks.

Sorry, I forgot to respond to your question regarding MSN Live Messenger. Live Messenger on its own does not support multiple accounts, but Messenger Plus! Live adds experimental support to MSN Live Messenger that enables it to run multiple times, connected to a different account in each running instance.