Multiple update sites for openfire plugins

Currently Openfire only supports one hardcoded update site for plugins (the official ignite realtime plugin page).

For custom plugins it would be great if Openfire supported multiple update sites that could be managed by the server admin much like update sites in Eclipse work. In addition it might be interesting for plugins to specify a custom update site in plugin.xml that contains updates for that specific plugin. The changes in Openfire’'s plugin management could be done quite easily.

Do you think such a feature would be worthwile? Would a patch to support it be accepted for Openfire?

+1 for plugins

not so sure about the other…

I agree - the ability to specify an alternate location for plug-ins would be really useful for us.

The ability for Spark users to automatically update/install/remove plug-ins would be even better.

i.e. Spark connects to Openfire and then negotiates which plug-ins to download and run on next startup. That way, we could manage plug-in use centrally rather than repackaging Spark everytime I need a new plugin.

Well, as long as Jive won’'t include the changes in the official Openfire distribution they are pretty useless

I have no argues about adding custum plugin pages. Though i like it as it is now. I dont have to configure anything or enter urls etc. It’'s just there right after server install. And, keeping in mind this is not an OS updates which could be critical, i still like that plugins are going from site, so they are somewhat trusted.

But maybe this could help someone who has problems with site (proxies etc.). So there could be even mirrors for plugins (like linux distros do), not just some custom plugin page.