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Multiple user connection (BOSH, Strophe, route.all-resources)

Hi everyone,

we use http-bind with BOSH and Openfire (3.8.2) as backend and Strophe library (JS) on frontend for our chat application.

Every user gets a specified unique resource by connection. That means, that user can be logged in different devices/browsers at once (multiple connection, e.g user@example.com/resource1, user@example.com/resource2 etc.). Actually, messages will sent only to last connected resource, all others user resources (user sessions) dont get it, but still connected. Ideally we want messages sent to all connected resources.

We setted route.all-resources setting=“true” and connection priority is equal for all user resources, but behavior hasn’t changed at all (chat messages recieves only last connected user resource)

Could anybody suggest solutions or ideas to solve this issue?