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Multiple user groups


I have a few websites each one with their specific users.

I´d like to have a private messenger for them, this is, the users are read from a mysql db and they only see in the jabber client the users in the website, nothing else, nor icq, yahoo etc…

So, is this possible with jive ?

briefly, to have only one server reading from multiple databases, each one being private(or private groups of users, if it´s clearer)…



Yes, this is possible but with many Jive Messenger installations if you don’‘t want a user from a website to chat with a user of your other website. So in this case you will need to install a server for each website so the users of each website can only chat with the website’'s users. And the domain name of each server will match the name of each website.

If you want to use only one installation then you can’'t prevent a user to find and have a chat with a another user (of another website).

Messenger does not have support for gateways so currently it’'s not possible to chat with ICQ, MSN or any other IM network.


– Gato

The thing i was trying to avoid was to have multiple instalations

I only wanted one, isn´t this possible with groups or some trick ?


Using one installation there is no way to prohibit users from one website to not chat with users of other website. This is so since for the server they are all local users. You may try to hide one group from the other but eventually if someone discovers the JID of a user of another website then they are allowed to send messages between them.


– Gato


One way to have only one server could be developping your own XMPP client software. Indeed, you would be able to filter their chats so they can only discuss with users from their group. Moreover, your client should hide all the XMPP datas concerning the XMPP server or your addressing scheme to avoid the connection to your server with a standard client that could discuss with every user.

I do not know if this solution can suit you, but it is a way to solve your problem…


Thanks, i think i will try a solution with the groups.

Is it possible to hide one user grioup from the other in the admin console ? I try adding an user to a group and selecting “Disable sharing group in rosters”, but that didn´t do the trick. I´m i doing somenthinf wrong ?

Thanks for your help

Is it possible to hide one user grioup from the other

in the admin console ?

Not in the admin console. The web console will show all the groups to the admin. However, you may only show the group in the group users’’ rosters. So you can create a group for each website and select in the option “Show group in group members’’ rosters” for each group. Then try loging as a user and you will see in your roster only the group and users of the group where you belong.


– Gato

Thanks, That did it,

Now i only have to code myself a client or to mask a jid, so the others can´t guess it, since my users are predefined and read from mysql.

Thanks for your support