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Multiple users deleting (embedded-db)

Maybe you can add some option to delete multiple users at once. It could be done easy when using Jive with other DBs (with db tools or features). But if only using AC? Or maybe there is some other way to do so quickly? Edit something in embedded db? I’'ve found some sql like queries in database folder. Can i write and run some extarnal script?:slight_smile:

You may use any JDBC-compliant database tool, e. g. Aqua Data Studio or DbVisualizer. JDBC-driver is hsqldb.jar from Messenger’'s lib directory.

Just connect to database as SA user without password and do your work. But… You must shutdown Messenger because it uses database in exclusive mode.

I think this is a nice feature to have. If you decide to go directly to the database you will need to restart Messenger since the changes won’'t be automatically reflected in memory.

Another cool option would be to use url=http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0133.htmlJEP-133[/url] but we need to have support for ad-hoc commands first. But this won’'t happen in the near future. Anybody interested in adding ad-hoc commands to Messenger. I would gladly like to help.


– Gato

Maybe i’‘ll try this software someday, though i need it at work and it could be better to have some GPL or trully freeware app. By now i’'m editing db with simple editor:)