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MultiUserChat.destroy() not-authoried(401)

Look at my codes:


Form form = muc.getConfigurationForm();

Form submitForm = form.createAnswerForm();

for (Iterator fields = form.getFields(); fields

.hasNext():wink: {

FormField field = (FormField) fields.next();

if (!FormField.TYPE_HIDDEN.equals(field.getType())

&& field.getVariable() != null) {




List owners = new ArrayList();


submitForm.setAnswer(“muc#roomconfig_roomowners”, owners);

submitForm.setAnswer(“muc#roomconfig_roomadmins”, owners);

submitForm.setAnswer(“muc#roomconfig_persistentroom”, true);

I create a room and set its onwers.then I login out.After a while,I login in.But I can get the owners of the room.

I don’t known how to resolve it.