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MultiUserChat.getJoinedRooms method return NullPointer Exception in asmack


I am really tired of this stuff know, I dont know what is the problem with my code. The single chat is working fine on my device and also if I manually enter the exact room name it is possible to join to the room and chat. Everything is working fine except I can’t retreive the list of joined rooms using

MultiUserChat.getJoinedRooms(Connection, UserName);

The doc says

// Get the rooms where user3@host.org has joined

Iterator joinedRooms = MultiUserChat.getJoinedRooms(conn, "user3@host.org/Smack");

But I am getting a null pointer exception. anybody have any idea about this.



Please don’t hijack other threads with the same problem. If you want to get a good answer when reporting a error, try to include all the information that is useful. For example the version of the library you are using. I can only infer from the tags that you are using aSmack. A stacktrace of the exception would also be helpful.

Finally, Smack and aSmack is open source. Nothing prevents you from taking a close look on what’s going on under the hood.

oke, thank you for your response.

I am using asmack.2010.05.07

I failed to upload the log cat image, so am pasting the message here.


“at org.jivesoftware.smackx.muc.MultiUserChat.getJoinedRooms(MultiUserChat.java:214 )”

i am having a same problem . have u able to solve this zoondia?