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MultiUserChat.grantAdmin uses incorrect namespace

Accordingly to the XEP-0045 (http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0045.html), in sections “10.6. Granting Admin Status” and “10.7. Revoking Admin Status”, the use case of “grant admin status” is done using the “http://jabber.org/protocol/muc#admin” an grant admin status to a mem

However, the MultiUserChat.grantAdmin and MultiUserChat.revokeAdmin methods are using the “muc#owner” namespace.

See the method:

public void grantAdmin(String jid) throws XMPPErrorException, NoResponseException, NotConnectedException {

changeAffiliationByOwner(jid, “admin”);


It should use the changeAffiliationByAdmin method.

Thanks for reporting this. This is because openfire supports an older revision of the MUC XEP and has not been fully updated yet to the latest version. See OF-178

Openfire already supports granting/revoking Admin state via the #admin namespace: https://github.com/igniterealtime/Openfire/blob/299f727c502714a4aea4692e40d29f63 50aadc94/src/java/org/jivesoftware/openfire/muc/spi/IQAdminHandler.java#L288

Thanks for reporting. Re-opened SMACK-371, it looks like this are the ownly remains left.

Thanks for the fix, Flow!

Looking forward to the 4.1 release!