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Multiuserchat - how long do they stay alive?

my question is in regards to jive messenger 1.1.

i’‘m wondering, if i don’'t explicitly call a multiuserchat.destroy() via smack on a multiuserchat, will that room stay open forever for the life of the jive server?

i ask because i’'m encountering a problem when trying to destroy a multiuserchat room. when i call the destroy via smack, i get:

No response from server.:

at org.jivesoftware.smackx.muc.MultiUserChat.destroy(MultiUserChat.java:582)

because of this error, i’'m wondering if i can just skip the destroy() and let the server clean itself up, or if this will eventually cause me some resource issues if i never close thousands of chat rooms. any thoughts are much appreciated. thanks!

If the room is not persistent then it will be destroyed when the last occupant leaves the room.

Anyway, I’'d like to fix any problem you have encountered in the server. Could you check if an error is being generated in the error.log file?


– Gato