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My Problem whit Offline Message!

When I Was using the WildFire, there is a problem about offline message Puzzles me:

I use account “A@myjabberserver” send an offline message to account “B@myjabberserver”(“B@myjabberserver” is offline), at this moment , I can find the message in my wildfire database,but when account B logon, B will receive the message, and the message in my database disappears. so , can’'t wildfire save the offline messages for clients?

I have seen that wildfire support the "XEP-0013:Flexible Offline Message Retrieval ", but if the offline message does not be saved after receiver logon, how can I Retrieval them?


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Hey solar,

As specified in the flow section of the XEP-0013: Flexible Offline Message Retrieval the user has to indicate to the server that he doesn’'t want to get offline messages when he becomes online. The trick is to provide that hint before sending the initial presence as shown in the flow section.

Our Smack library already has support for XEP-13. You can use the test cases as sample code on how things should work.


– Gato

OK, I’'ve got what you mean, thanks:)