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My problem with admin console login

Dear all,

I’m very frustrated with login to admin console.

I have installed openfire on Windows 2003 server and first step of installation was due succesfull but next login is not be able.

I reinstall OpenFire several time but without succes.

Can you tell me somebody what I have to do for succesfull login to admin console?

Thank you very much

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I have resolved my problem yet.

I have not had for admin user assigned admin privileg.

All is OK.


According to the Announcement on the main Community page…

“Openfire 3.6.4 has a bug, which prevents user to login to Admin Console on the last step of the setup. You have to restart Openfire after the installation (stop and then start it again). Only then it will be possible to login to Admin Console. This bug should be fixed in 3.7.0 version.”

I had this problem as well, but I was able to log in with an account that I had elevated to Admin privs. I would suggest doing so as soon as you find a way to get in with the admin account.

If that doesn’t work, please post what database you are using.