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My spark client language display error

i am using open file server and spark client, there are 9 client .everything works good, but one pc have language problem, the client menu language looks like picture . i try to change control panel–Regional and Language Options–Chinese(PRC)( all other software on this pc display normal like adobe pdf and microsoft office 2007, but our spark client has this issue, need kindly help, thanks .

Language in Spark is changed in menu Actions > Languages (in Spark itself).

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thanks so much for your help, i try to menu action -language -english , it display very well, but i choose language-chinese , it still display like picture, now i use english language.

As i don’t speak Chinese i can’t understand what is wrong in that picture. Maybe you can add a screenshot with a normal view to compare them. There are two Chinese language variants in Spark, btw.

Here are screenshot of normal and error client picture, the left picture is normal client picture. we both use chinese -simliest

the right picture below is the error chinese language client screenshot. we can see the menu of second dispaly unnormal.

It looks like the one on the right is some older version of Spark (2.6.3 or older).

yes ,the right side is the spark 2.6.3 version. first i install 2.8.3 version on this error pc, it display language error. then i switch to install 2.6.3 version on this pc, it dispaly same chinese language error. i think maybe this pc has some problem.

Are you using the full installer with Java included? If not, maybe this is some old Java issue. Or maybe that’s a PC issue.

yes ,before i install spark on this pc, it have been installed jre, then i install full installer with java include, i think may be it is the pc issue. thank you so much for the help .