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My XIFF sample application AS3 XIFF 3 with binary socket connection

sample application AS3 XIFF 3 with binary socket connection


This application clearly shows that Open Fire is the problem not XIFF at all. I am not sure if the openFire people did this so someone else could get money for something that is clearly broken forwhich only an “expert” could help you with or not but I am taking a stand against this policy. I was also thinking about going along with it and not helping people and keep my mouth shut or the “ssssshhhh! its a secret” but I think its an evil idea. Selling something that is kinda broke is a subject for a school for jerks. My Exodus application takes two tries to login with the same user and password each time and my XIFF takes numerous tries to login as well for no reason. You can see the applications progress through “trouble zones” and its simply not necessary. I have OpenFire 3.3.3 and I have been updated to the newer openFire hoping that the “trouble areas” would go away and so far no dice! Could this be true with all “broken” things? And I love the way people don’t help each other here. Its a School of Jerks I’d say! Xiffian is hell to learn what is going on and I think he knows this. My application has a bunch of AS files which broke apart the aplications’ progress in linear simple parts clearly shows the progress and which AS file is being read as the program runs. No program should ever have 100’s of lines of code when it could be broken up into small easy to read parts of only a few lines of clear code in this day and age. Thanks for reading rant. Dan