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Mysteries of AD integration

Hi all,

I recently migrated my windows 2003 AD to a 2008 r2. I fail miserably at connecting the new Openfire 3.9.1 instance to the AD. (was working flawlessly with 2003 and 3.7).

These settings were working on the old install.

So here’s my config: conf.jpg. Note: setting the full DN of the user led to an invalid bind in the wireshark capture. DOMAIN\USER worked, and USER alone also.

The wireshark capture (cap.jpg) show the error response from the server. Note, at first the filter was set on OrganisationalPerson, which sAMAccountname is not an attribute of. I changed it to user.

The aex_request.jpg show a ldap request with same filter from AD explorer. Result is ok.

I tend to beleive that it is a LDAP query error but fail to see where it is…

If someone has an idea, i would be really grateful, as the IM server is down for 2 days now and users are getting grumpy…