Name appearance

We are using Spark with Japanese setting.

We really want to change the name appearance on the Spark window.

The name appearance on the window is Western style.

So, the first name appears first and the family name appears last.

But our Japanese style is different. The family name first, then the first name.

Is it possible to make it in Japanese style ?

Please let me know how to do it if possible.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi ComoEstas,

You could try changing it in your Openfire Server Config, in your LDAP Settings, swaping the fields.

Of course, this only works if you are using LDAP Auth.


If it’s not LDAP, then you can swap those name parts while creating new users. If it’s LDAP, then maybe those fields should already be swapped, as it will showup wrong not only in IM messenger, but also in emails, user lists, etc.

Thank you very much for the information.

We are not using LDAP, but this name data seems to be brought from the user profile name data on Spark.

Is it possible to make a family name first for it ?

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can u just create new users by typing already swapped names ???

if u want to swap fields in AD - see MSDN

but in spark - just fill the right fields with the right values …

Since you are not using LDAP the appearance of a username in the Spark roster is controlled by the profile provided via the chat client. A user needs to fill out the Nickname field in the Spark profile. However they fill in this field is how users will see their name in the roster. This only holds true to is a user add to a roster after the nickname is set. Shared groups may also reflect the nickname but I do not know for sure.

It also depends on the client you are using. We use LDAP auth, and PSI as client. Spark seems to use the “CN” to get the name for display, PSI on the other hand uses the “Nickname”.

LDAP is a different game entirely. The display name in a roster is controled by a setting in the opefire properties for LDAP. In openfire 3.5.x or below it is the tag in the openfire.xml. In openfire 3.6.x it is the ldap.nameField system property that controls this.

Thanks a million !

I will recommend for end-users to set a full name on the Nickname field.

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