Name display in roster?

OK, this is driving me nuts. In the configuration I’ve set ldap.nameField to “displayName” and in the LDAP vcard settings i’ve set Name to {displayName}. However, users still show up in chats as their CN. Also, if you search the directory for a user, find them, and add them to the list, they come up as their CN as well. The only way I’ve found that results in their full name coming up in the contact list and IMs is to click the add a contact above the roster and put in ONLY their exact user name. That way, they appear in the roster and in IMs with their correct DN. How come all the other ways result in the CN?

I’d really like to get this fixed.



The display name field is used with auto-populated rosters and manually adding users by JID. This is not an openfire issue. this is a spark issue. To get around the issue when adding a user from the search window to your roster delete the data in the Nickname field, click back into the Username field then hit tab. This will cause spark to poll the server for the Nickname as stored in the server. Otherwise spark just takes a guess at the nickname based on the JID.

I have been fighting this exact same issue, and basically had given up - until I stumbled across what appears to be a possible fix to the issue yesterday.

I have disabled the ability to search based on ‘Username’ in the admin console and now when adding users in Spark, their Display Name populates in the Name field. (located at Server, Server Settings, Search Service Properties - uncheck Username)

Not exactly sure why that would affect it, but a nice surprise none the less.

Also, in the configuration of the server, I have it set as the following:

Username Field: sAMAccountName

Name: {cn}

Email: {mail}

Full Name:{displayName}

Nickname: {displayName}

etc… (dont think the other settings will affect this)

Hope this works out for you as well.



I see - is this something that will be fixed? The other issue is that when you add someone to your roster, and they get the approval, your username shows up on their list only as the CN. So one way or another, only one side will get the correct DN displayed.

Just looks a lot more professional to see the DN instead of the CN.

Thanks - for some reason this didn’t help for me.

Thanks to Todd’s help in the chat I’m all set up. Already deployed to a test group and they’re loving it. Great stuff, thanks!

You are welcome. Don’t forget to award points for helpful and correct answers.