Name Displaying Incorrectly


I am having an issue with a small minority of Spark clients incorrectly showing a person’s name. The correct way the name is spelled is Jonathan but it is display it as Jonathon. For the majority of people I check with, it is showing correctly, but there is a select few people it shows up wrong. I have checked Active Directory and everything is spelled correctly there. I have checked the Spark server and everything is set up properly there. I tried to see if it was a specific version of Spark, but this is happening among the couple versions of Spark that we have out there. This is only happening to this one user’s name and there have not been any other complaints of other users’ names showing incorrectly.

Since everything appears to be configured correctly and the name is displaying correctly for most people but only a small group of people that are using different versions of the software, I am stumped and don’t know where to go. Can someone please point me in the right direction?



Not sure if this can happen with AD integration. If a user renames someone in his roster, these changes are saved on the server in his roster table and it will not change to the correct values stored on the server. User changes have higher priority. I don’t know how to revert such changes, so in such cases i just delete an account (who has renamed someone) and create it again, so it has a fresh roster pulled from the server. Probably not the case with the AD integration though. Just my thoughts.

Thanks for the help! I found out later in the day they made a typo when creating the account and then later made the change in Active Directory to resolve this error.