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Name field blank (using LDAP)

I am running Openfire 3.3.1 and using LDAP for authentication. One of the users recently pointed out to me that the “Name” field is always blank in the Spark user search results. I looked at the “User Summary” page in the “Users/Groups” tab of the administrator console and noticed that all of the users do have a blank name. The vCard mapping has an entry for the “Name” field and that is sent correctly to the client, but I guess that field isn’‘t used for the user’‘s “Name” field. I checked the docs and couldn’'t find any steps I missed in the LDAP config. I also found this post on the forums where someone else is having the same issue, but it appears to not be resolved:


Anyone know how to fix this?

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Fixed Openfire version number…

It appears that I just didn’‘t wait long enough for the cache to clear. I changed the vCard mapping from a composite of a few fields (" “) to just a single field (”") and now the “Name” field is populated. However, it does not appear to search that field. For example, my Username is “davidthulson” and my Name is “Thulson, David”. If I search for “*Thulson*” using either the Username or the Email, it finds my entry. However, if I only search using the Name field, then it does not find anything. I would expect that to work. Any reason why that shouldn’'t work? Could this still be a cache issue?

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