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Names are lowercase, using mass notification with alert or without

Boa tarde,
Alguem poderia me informar se existe e possibilidade de quando o usuario enviar uma mensagem em massa com alerta ou com notificação, o nome do usuario pode aparecer com letras maisculas ou sprak por padrão é minusculo.
Estou usando a
Versão 2.9.4 para Spark e versão Open Fire 4.7.1,

Hey! The username Spark takes from the Openfire server. Spark does not change the case of letters.

The problem only occurs when a mass message is sent or with an alert, but when the user sends normal messages it comes with the first letter of the first name capital and the last name also capital and the rest all miniscule, but as I said when the messages are sent in pasta and with alert it comes all tiny, I wanted to know why it happens or if there is any configuration to be done.

I don’t have much time right now. I’ll be able to check it out in a few days and try to help you.

Yes, I see this as a problem. Created the ticket

I also see that when a broadcast message is received, the name does not turn red, and it also does not increase in the counter of unread messages. The window in the control panel blinks, but it is not clear that a new message has arrived.

This bug has been fixed.


Could you let me know if this bug was resolved in version 4.7.3 or and some adjustments in version 4.7.1

This will be fixed in Spark 3.0.0. Hope there will be a release soon.