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NAT question


I don’'t know if this question is for Jabber in general or specific to Jive.

Basically have the Jive server behind the firewall with an internal address, we want to NAT an external IP so people from outside the network can access the server. Sounds easy enough. We’'re running a watchguard firebox hardware firewall for the network.

The NAT is setup correctly I am sure of it. But when an external system tries to send a request to login to the server the firewall logs the following error:

firewalld 123 deny in 5222 syn default (omitted irrelevant information)

Now there is nothing that I checked in the default setting that would prevent the system from being auto blocked (port / domain etc)

In fact I have that port specifically open to allow traffic in.

I am totally stumped on what to do, I tried looking up information on google to no avail.

If anyone could help me out that would be great, thank you.