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Native Wrapper

What is the native wrapper used with Jive Messenger?

Couldnt find any reference to it in the src… (perhaps I am looking in the wrong place).

We use Java Service Wrapper . Its very nice - and has some nice features over and above being a native wrapper.

Anyhow, I am wrestling with the current wrapper - any pointer in the right direction would be appreciated…



Is it an install4J thing?

Yes, it’'s install4j. What issues are you running into?



Was trying to work out how to run it from within my ide.

Trying to find entry point / parameters used to start it…

Have since worked some of them out.

If I want to run this from within IntelliJ, do you have somewhere the appropriate -D properties I have to pass it so it finds all the right directories?

Have you used Java Service Wrapper / know much about it? Are you quite attached to this one?


Hmm, I found a referece to JSW in the src. Did you use it in the past?

Hmm, I found a referece to JSW in the src. Did you

use it in the past?

Yep, we used it in the past before install4j… still need to remove a few dangling references. We’‘re pretty happy with install4j in general so I don’'t see us switching.

I’‘m not sure what you’‘d need to do to make it run inside intellij off-hand. However, that would be a useful thing to document. I’‘ll look into it when I have a few extra minutes. Or, please post your findings if you’'re able to come up with the solution.



Will do.