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Need a Help


I am totally new to OpenFire Server, and according to client requirement I want to customize the OpenFire server source code…

So please tell me the proper steps to import server code from scrap…

I downloaded source code and want to know how to import in NetBeans 7.3 and which JAVA project should I select…

IDE Used:- NetBeans7.3

Thanks In Advance…

This is the instruction i have saved after setting up my source in Netbeans. Not sure if it still can be applied to the newer version of Netbeans

Openfire + Netbeans (create project before creating Openfire dir - rename it temporary)

create new Java project with existing source - set folder and project name, dont press Next yet

then rename Openfire_renamed to Openfire

copy build.xml from build dir to parent

edit build.xml in parent, change basedir="…" to basedir=""

add after

go to Netbeans and press next

press Add folder, choose src folder, Finish

in Netbeans right-click Openfire project, choose Properties

click Libraries - Add JAR/Folder

select /Openfire/build/lib dir (Absolute path) - OK

now Clean and Build

to launch - /target/build/bin/openfire.bat

Hi wroot,

Thanks for your valuable concern about my issue…

I followed the procedure given by you, But still getting large number of errors in multiple packages…

I downloaded the source code from the following link…


http://www.igniterealtime.org/downloads/source.jsp openfire_src_3_8_2.zipMay 28, 2013 69.00 MB

So, Can you please guide me about the customization of source code and rebuild it, otherwise please suggest me which source code should I download and hope that it will be bug free…

I’m syncing source via SVN (links are on the same page http://www.igniterealtime.org/downloads/source.jsp). Using RapidSVN client for this, though there are other (TortoiseSVN, etc.). Though this shouldn’t be different, still the same source. If there were bugs in 3.8.2, then you will have them in the source code. I suspect even the most recent source from the SVN can have bugs. That’s how software world works What exactly errors do you get? Can you post a Netbeans build log?

Work from the SVN and follow the instructions for building the source from here

http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/openfire/docs/latest/documentation/source-b uild.html

I have **never **got errors compiling Openfire from SVN.

Any one can help me on open fire

my skype id is hardik0609

please its urgent


I successfully imported openfire source code in Eclipse IDE using SVN…

But the problem I am facing now, what ever changes I made to code are not reflected when I rebuild the whole project…

Please help me, I am totally new for Web Application…

Hii Hardik…

Please post your exact issues you are facing with openfire…

I will try to fix it…

Hey amit,

This is hardik , I need your help to know can we save history of our clients on server through open fire.

Thanks & Regards,


Monitoring Service plugin is probably what you’re after. Openfire Admin Page --> Plugins --> Available Plugins --> Install Monitoring Service


After installing were can I see

Please reply.

Thanks & Regards,


Under the Server tab in the Openfire admin page, there should be an Archiving sub-tab. Click that and then you will have the settings, and filters for archiving user’s chats.


Thank you for the help but I am getting an error The messages in this conversation were not archived. So wat should be done

Thanks & Regards,