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Need a team to "bulletproof" JWChat for Wildfire


We have been using Wildfire for about 3 weeks and JWChat for about 2. Everyone is extremely pleased with the performance of Wildfire and client connections to it.

Our experience with JWChat has been decent so far, but we are a bit scared of calling for an enterprise wide deployment of it. We don’'t have the greatest understanding of how it works. We have had some success customizing it, but there is not a vibrant community of developers working on it.

I am looking to put together a team of people who are using JWChat with Wildfire so that we can really take a look at the code, and fix some of the bugs that people are experiencing. I would also like to refine the interface and verify that the program can handle up to 2000 users concurrently.

I’'m not quite sure, but I think we can either piggyback on the current JWChat program or re-release it under GPL. I think this would be very useful to the Wildfire community. Especially to those who are using Wildfire in the corporate world.

Please let me know if you are interested in participating and we can work out the details of getting started.