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Need access to OpenFire version 4.2.2 installables

How do hold of the v4.2.2 deployment files? I need to setup a fresh v4.2.2 server with my product deployment, which currently uses v4.2.2, and hence cannot yet move to the latest v4.2.3 version.

You showed all of 14 seconds of patience in the chatroom asking this question? What gives?

(07:36:36 AM) Alwyn [4xeaoj4tui@igniterealtime.org/4xeaoj4tui] entered the room.
(07:37:05 AM) Alwyn: Where can I get v4.2.2 of OpenFire?
(07:37:37 AM) Alwyn: My production system uses it; so I cannot move to latest version (4.2.3) yet.
(07:37:51 AM) Alwyn left the room.
(07:46:45 AM) Guus: https://github.com/igniterealtime/Openfire/releases/tag/v4.2.2

thank you. After seeing some of the previous messages, I wasn’t expecting such a quick & real time response. Now I know!