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Need ADAM help with Openfire! Going crazy

Hello folks

I have downloaded the article explaining how to work with Openfire and ADAM, but i can’t get the thing to work by the end of the file when I’m supposed to create a administrator account.What am I supposed to write on the “Add ADAM account”? What DN should I give? The base AD or the ADAM DN?

I’m a mess…been trying to work this out for 1 week.

Anyone can help me out???

Thanks a lot.

PS: Screenshot attached

Marcela Gonzalez

You don’t necessarily need to do that step. If the login id that you want to act as the OpenFire admin account is one of the login id’s that you are loading into ADAM from your Active Directory, then you don’t need to separately create an admin account. This is how we’ve done it and it works just fine. Make sure you run adamsync first and load your ADAM instance before you try to configure OpenFire to access the ADAM instance. At the end of configuring the LDAP connection from OpenFire, it will ask you what login accounts will be the admin accounts. Simply enter, separated by commas, those login accounts within ADAM that you want to be the admin accounts. It even gives you a chance to test those accounts.

Thanks a lot for your reply. Now I’m stuck in another step.

Hope you can help me out on this one too…

I’m running ldp.exe to test de SSL connection and it gives me the error in event viewer:

8009030e No credentials are available in the security package”

I’ve set up the CA in the same 2003 computer as the ADAM, copied the cert from Local computer\Personal to Adam Instance Service\Personal, gave the network service permission on the key files under All Users and restarted the adam instance and it doesnt work.

Any clue?


Marcela Gonzalez


I have got the same problem.

I added to Cn=administrators a domain account.

When I tried to test conectivity between Openfire and ADAM - I had got Status Error.

If I asked ADAM via ldifde.exe - connection is OK.

How can I get solution?