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Need assistance with initializing client

I have successfully installed Wildfire and Spark but am having trouble getting Asterisk-IM to work. Specifically, I can’'t get the XMPPConnection… line to run I get an error: -bash : syntax error near unexpected token “(”. I think I need to know the following:

Where do I execute this?

Is “myserver.foo.com” the wildfire server, or asterisk? And can this be the IP number?

Which “user” do I use

any help would be greatly appreciated

M Wood

O.K., I have the connection to my Asterisk server working. I can’‘t seem to get any other state displayed except “on the phone”. And I haven’'t been able to initialize the client still.

Is there any way to connect to external text services?, can I send text to a mobile device?

M Wood


I am at the same place in my progress. My friend can “see” me that I am on the phone, and that is it.


This is a known issue. It has to do with a weird edge case where asterisk-im is notified correctly when the user is hungup. We are going to add a fix in the next version to have a seperate process check the status of channels to make sure they are still in a call.

In the mean time, this can be fixed by restarting wildfire.

Sorry for the inconvenience,