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Need assistance with logging in

I have several challenges that I am trying to deal with. First, the IT left and was not on documentation. I have been brought in to try and figure stuff out. Our issues are as follows, in order of priority:

  • when users change their Windows passwords, they can no longer log in to Spark. I cannot find any documentation on this software and therefore, have no way of managing that process. Are the passwords hardcoded in? Is it connected to AD? At this point, no one can log in and this is a mission critical app for us, so this is a problem.
  • I cannot access that Admin Console because I do not have a un / pw for that. Is there a backdoor we can reset this?
  • I cannot access our account online because I do not know what the username and password is for that either.

I really apprecaite any assistance that can be given.

Thank you!