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Need explanation

Hi all!

Hi have few questions about Jive Messenger, generally about whole Jabber protocol conception.

I’'ve installed Jive Messenger Server succesflully and added two users.

As messenger client I’'m using Exodus .

I added one user on one machine, where Exodus is running.

And another user on my machine.

On both Exodus programs users are seen in “Pending” mode.

When I try to send message to one user he doesn’'t recieve it…

I don’'t recieve message from too.

But when both of users are in group chat and trying to send/recieve private messages everything works fine.

So I’'m interested in how can I configure Jive Messenger server or my client program to make it work like instant messenging program.

Could you describe me it?




add user to a roster as username@servername or username@serverIP

I have done exactly like you said.

But, nothing happened…

Why so?

Wroot,thanks a lot!

It’'s my mistake.

I was thinking, that poinitng server in user ID isn’'t necessery!

Thank you!



you’'re wellcome

all > i see this problem is common lately in forum. Is there any KB doc covering this which we could point to? Or in documentation?

Why don’'t we do such a thing.

If someone will find, or learn , or knows any feature concerning Jive Messenger just make a post on forum.

Let be a topic named Useful Info or something else.

There is very poor documentation regarding Jive Messenger.

And a lot of people are searching information about it, mainly on this forum, so why don’'t we make life easier

I think it will help.

Well, there is a “Recommend Thread” button above which will take a thread to a Knowledge Base. So every usefull thread would be in one place.

Hi Sorantis/Wroot,

I agree, this issue has been coming up a lot and there does need to be kbase document for helping people with roster issues. There probably needs to be a “Client” subcategory created under “Jive Messenger Support” where such a document could go. I’'ll see if Matt agrees and I can post a document.



that would be very useful thing!!

Post us Matt’'s answer .