Need help connecting new 3.6.4 box to existing external oracle database

This is probably a stupid problem, but I just cannot figure it out. Our users adore Spark and we’re currently running 3.3.1 on an old server that points to an external oracle database. We decided to just install 3.6.4 on an entirely new box instead of upgrading the old one since we wanted to move it anyway. Went ahead, installed it according to the instructions, used the web interface wizard thing to point it to the oracle database and bam, it killed it cause the schema was trying to overwrite everything that was there. Rolled it back and tried looking around for documentation, but it seems like there’s only stuff for if you’re doing an entirely fresh install, or doing an update over the current box.

So how do I get the new 3.6.4 box to see my current external oracle database without overwriting everything? Apologies if there’s just some documentation I’ve missed cause I’m sure it’s probably simple, but I am at a loss!

Thanks for any help.