Need help for LDAP Group Filter

Hi Mates,

i am new here an i need some help, please ar so nice and help me with the following problem :

I have installed openfire server and make a ldap autheifikation.

this works fine.

Now i want filter by groups, but i dont know how.

my domain has following structure :



-Domain Controllers


–DD ( Location Duesseldorf )

–BS ( Location Braunschweig )






–HU ( Location Hungary )

Now i want a filter where i can use for example OU=DD, OU=BS, OU=Administration, OU=Development, OU=EDV and OU=HU

so that i dont get users and groups in the other OUs.

How can i make it ?

Did anyone have an example for me ?

Thanks for your help

Your Openfire and LDAP neewbe christian

This may help you