Need help in Openfire group management


We use openfire as a small corporate Jabber server. We have organizational structure of departments, so I’ve created set of groups which named like our departments, in accordance to our structure. Self-registration and self-roaster editing is disabled - everything is controled by me and my IT-staff.

I have some inconvinience in group managemet. The case is users in some departments should not see users in all departments, just the ones I accept them to see.

For instance:

  • We have groups: A,B,C,D,E,F

  • We’d like to create group G. Users in group G must see only the members of group A,B,C, but not E and F. And vice versa - every member of groups A,B,C must see members of group G in their rosters.

To do so I have to:

  • After creation of group G to share it to the groups A,B,C in openfire web-console (that is not a problem)

  • To make the members of group G see the members of A,B,C I have to share each group A and B and C to the group F. And It is a very inconvinient problem especially in case of big number of groups to share.

I need some tool, or plugin that makes group management more flexible, functional and convinient.

I suppose I could work around this problem using SQL request, but I’m not good at SQL

I’d be very appreciate for any advice I’ll get from you!

Thanks in advance!

My reply on this thread sums up it

There is no tool or plugin to do this and don’t see it changing in the near future as we don’t have active develoeprs here.