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Need help in processing custom IQ sent from server


I am trying to receive a custom IQ packet, process it and reply with a response packet.

The custom packet looks like this :

<confirm xmlns=‘http: //jabber.org/protocol/http-auth’ method=‘POST’

url=‘http: //http _xfer.jabber.com/upload’ />

</ iq>

I wrote a IQProvider to process them and registered the IQProvider using:

AuthIQProvider authProvider = new AuthIQProvider();
http://jabber.org/protocol/http-auth”, authProvider);

In AuthIQProvider’s parseIQ() method, I create an AuthIQ packet and return the AuthIQ packet.

Question is :

  1. In parseIQ method , the XmlPullParser.START_TAG is never called though. Is it fine ?

  2. The packet is not processed at all after leaving parseIQ method. How to process the packets further ?

I would like to send a response IQ to server like

</ iq>

Please help,